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Highest Quality, Lowest Cost
20+ Language Capabilities
14 Years Proven Track Record
Support and Care is ALL we do.
Multi-Channel Customer Care
Technical Support
Back-Office Support
Legal Process Outsourcing
Draper & Atlanta (US), Montreal (Canada)
Cebu & Manila (Philippines), Kolkata (India)
El Salvador & Jamaica



SupportSave is a global provider of outsourced customer care, technical support and back-office solutions with over 1200 workstations capacity operating 24/7/365 in 8 locations, and in 20+ languages.


SupportSave has a nine year proven track-record of delivering the highest levels of quality at the lowest cost for many well-known E-commerce, retail and technology companies and brands such as Office Depot, DocuSign, US Auto Parts, Rug Doctor, Major Energy (50-400+ agents each).


Unlike many mid-size vendors that provide collections, lead generation and outbound telemarketing services, we do NOT. Since SUPPORT and CARE is ALL we do, we are able to attract and retain the best experienced, degreed agents seeking long-term full-time employment opportunities and careers, translating to the best customer experience and lowest employee attrition rates in the industry.


As a Boutique provider intent on disrupting our industry with unique price offers, our focus is on quality, not volume. The smaller size of our sites helps us achieve this focus. We have been run competitively against some of the biggest names in the industry and consistently exceed their quality, at nearly half the price. Our well-known clients are happy to share experiences, actual quality scores and objective data comparisons between vendors that demonstrate our superior quality.


Call us today to discuss what we can do for your business. Whether you are new to outsourcing or just want to test another vendor, we welcome you to start with a small pilot to test and let our quality and savings drive your decision to grow with us. Whether starting with 2 or 200+ agents, we welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization.





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