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SupportSave delivers more value for each dollar spent through our unique, cost-efficient and yet scalable engagement models.

SupportSave is a leading BPO services provider. Our financial strength is easily verified and we are completely transparent in our management philosophy. We have extensive experience and domain expertise in the customer-management space, and a deep understanding of the global markets of The Philippines, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Our management team has transitioned numerous multi-million dollar projects for some of the largest companies in banking, insurance, travel, technology and other sectors. SupportSave offers all the same features and benefits of a large multi-national BPO firm at a fraction of the cost.

Our service-offerings comprise end-to-end customer management solutions, including an array of call-center and back-office support services. We help businesses deliver superior customer experience, improve customer loyalty, drive incremental revenue growth, maximize operational and organizational efficiency, and save operating costs, by managing services on their behalf.

Our service delivery centers are located in Cebu city, which recently ranked as the best city in Asia for placement of BPO work. SupportSave offers extensive offshore delivery experience with deep understanding of the Philippines labor market.

SupportSave History

SupportSave Solutions was founded in November 2004 to meet the needs of SMBs (Small and Mid-Sized Businesses), with the belief that the trend of offshore outsourcing should not only benefit Fortune 1000 companies, but all businesses that aspire to become more competitive in their respective industries. We set out to create a business model that, for the first time, made outsourcing affordable to businesses of any size, and we have successfully done just that.

Today, we provide offshore outsourcing services, from our delivery centers around the globe. Our facilities feature an on-site management team working during the night i.e. US daytime, fully redundant voice and data links to the US, enterprise grade network infrastructure, redundant generator sets, and all of the features of any large provider without the large cost-structures

Management Team

Chris Johns
Founder, Chairman
Board Member
Chris is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the Telecom, Voice over IP, and BPO industry. He has a proven track record of leading global operations in the US, Latin America and Asia. Before founding SupportSave, Chris successfully started several e-businesses, including a VOIP provider and online staffing company.

Beatrice White
Vice President / Director of Operations
Beatrice is responsible for service delivery and center management. She started with SupportSave as one of the first dedicated reps and rose up the ranks, demonstrating high performance and strong leadership qualities. She brings strong floor-management fundamentals and supervisory background, having previously worked for DELL's captive center in Manila.

Hon. Richard Halprin
Board Member

Richard Halprin, graduated from Michigan State University in 1986 with a Multidisciplinary Degree in Political Science and Economics and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Detroit School of Law in 1989. Specializing in criminal law, family law, juvenile rights and small business litigation and strategies, he is a founding member of the Michigan Children's Law Center and guest instructor with the Honorable Fred Mester in Oakland Community College's trial practice course. In 2006, Mr Halprin was appointed magistrate in the 45b District Court for the State of Michigan.

Value Proposition

SupportSave offers a unique solution to all kinds of businesses from a value perspective as we fence a lot of expenditure around infrastructure, technology and labor management. These are the three areas of significant spending and overgenerous investment for most large service-providers including multinational consulting companies and mega BPOs, thus resulting in passing the embedded cost to the clients through pricing matrix.  Our value-engineering in the aforementioned areas positions us uniquely to manage our clients' business processes.

We curb all such costs by diligently planning and executing all client projects and relentlessly focusing on smart-spending. The following are some of the avenues to remain unique and cost-efficient

  • Strategic location and site provisioning
  • Utilizing open-source technologies/ platforms
  • Simplified yet proven delivery framework
  • Unique engagement model offering lower TCO

To know more on how we integrate the aforementioned elements in our solution, please contact us for an exploratory discussion.